An example of a blockchain without a specific vendor in c#
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This repo contains an example of a blockchain without a specific vendor in C#.

This is a companion project to accompany the 2018 Keyhole Software White Paper, Blockchain for the Enterprise. There is a similar example companion project written in Java.

Getting Started

To use this example, clone the repo and open the solution file that is included in the KhsExampleBlockChain folder.

Once open in Visual Studio, click on the Build->Build Solution (or press F6) to verify that the app builds and you have all the libraries.

Included in this solution is a test project that has five unit tests in it.

Once you build the solution, VS will identify the tests that have not been run for you.

To execute the tests, click on Test->Run->All Tests to run the included unit tests.

In VS, make sure the Test Explorer window is open. If it is not, click on Test->Window->Test Explorer to open it up.

From this window, you will see green or red marks next to each of the tests. Each of these tests are setup to pass, so it should all be green. If not, validate your setup and install of VS and make sure you have all the libraries needed.

To see the output of the individual tests - click on one of them in the Test Explorer window and at the bottom of that window you will see a link called Output. Click on this link and the output for the test selected will appear in the main window.

Please Note

This solution and included tests were built using Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition. This is a free install from Microsoft and is available here:

If you have an older or different version of Visual Studio and are having problems viewing or running this example, please install VS 2017 to ensure you have the proper tooling.

Thanks - and enjoy!