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InaSAFE Wiki

What is this wiki for?

This wiki contains content mainly of interest to developers and contributors to the InaSAFE project. For more general information about InaSAFE, including links to tutorials, media, news etc. please refer to the home page at http://inasafe.org.

Developer documentation

This section links to pages that will help you get started as a developer in the InaSAFE project. Please read the documentation carefully and provide fixes if you find outdated or inaccurate material.

  • Code of conduct - please read and abide by this - it contains important social guidelines that will ensure that your participation in InaSAFE is happy and friction free.
  • Coding standards - this is our second most important document after our code of conduct. It details our expectations of how your code should be formatted and presented.

Next you should probably read the platform specific notes so that you can see how to get started on your preferred operating system:

If you are a developer just looking to make light weight changes to InaSAFE most likely you will be interested in these pages:

The release management process is documented here:

For internationalization and translation to your language, you can check here:

Installing non-release builds:

  • Experimental Builds - We provide experimental builds for InaSAFE. These are ad hoc build snapshots - see the experimental builds page for details.
  • Nightly Builds - We provide testing builds here for those who want to closely track the development version without setting up a developer environment: [Nightly Builds](Nightly Builds)
  • Git Snapshots - you can install a snapshot of the current state of the code by installing from a GitHub zip file.

Project milestones

The planning for InaSAFE future releases and features is done on the github milestones page.

We also maintain a features wish list where you can 'brain dump' any ideas about things you would like to see in InaSAFE in the future.

We also maintain a more generalized roadmap for the project which outlines our high-level, long term goals.



Please see the Service Directory for a complete list of hosted web services associated with the InaSAFE project.


As the InaSAFE project is fully open source we'd like to thank Jetbrains for giving a licence for their great IDE PyCharm for free to support the opensource community.

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