Instruction on the installation of second instance of Gmail Notifier on Firefox #106

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inbasic commented Sep 14, 2013

It is fairly simple to install second instance of Gmail Notifier on Firefox. It is useful for those who prefer get separate notification for different mail accounts. At the moment you need to hack the code as follows:

  1. Change the identification here
    example: jid0-GjwrPchS3Ugt7xydvqVK4DQk8Ls to jid0-GjwrPchS3Ugt7xydvqVK4DQk8Ls-2
  2. Change toolbar identification here
    example: igmail-notifier to igmail-notifier-2
  3. Replace all #igmail-notifiers to the name defined in the second step (#igmail-notifier-2)
  4. Compile the extension. Instruction is available here:
  5. Install the newly compiled extension and configure it to listen to a single account from extension's setting
Drugoy commented Sep 14, 2013

How can you have 2 different sets of cookies for Gmail?

inbasic commented Sep 15, 2013

well, right now the extension uses an XMLHttpRequest object:
... and this object has access to the global browser cookies:

If you want to access to different cookies, I would say you need to call the XMLHttpRequest object from a location (another window perhaps) that has access to the secondary cookies e.g. instead of req = .... you need that_window.req = ....

inbasic commented Sep 15, 2013

Instruction added to the homepage

@inbasic inbasic closed this Sep 15, 2013
inbasic commented Sep 15, 2013

@Drugoy I closed this bug as the purpose of it was to link the instruction to our homepage. If you have further discussion please open a new bug or continue here.

Joolee commented Dec 3, 2013

Link has gone wrong on the homepage. It is now:

The instruction is provided <a href=""></a>here.
inbasic commented Dec 4, 2013

Thanks @Joolee. It is now fixed

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