Multiple account Gmail notifier (without storing passwords)
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Gmail Notifier multi-browser extension(ignotifier)


Gmail Notifier is a multi-account notifier for Google mail (without storing passwords locally)

General information

To compile ignotifier project you need to have these softwares and libraries available:

By default, the addon-sdk folder is assumed to be one directory above the project. This can be modified using the --sdk parameter.

Folders description

  • compile: nodejs auto-compiler
  • preview: screenshots
  • src: ignotifier source code
  • template: bootstrap folder

How to compile ignotifier

  1. Open a new terminal in the root dir (directory contains src, preview, template, and compile folders)
  2. Run npm install to acquire the necessary nodejs packages
  3. Run node compile/install.js to run ignotifier in a new Firefox profile To make the xpi run node compile/install.js --xpi For more options use node compile/install.js --help

How to translate ignotifier

  • To translate ignotifier into your language head to page.
  • After the translation is ready, insert the translated file in /src.safariextension/_locales folder
  • For Firefox to recognize the translation, you need to run the following commend in the root directory node compile/convert.js
  • Now compile the project as described above to have the localized version of ignotifier.

How to try the precompiled latest version

  1. Select the right branch
  2. Browse the src directory
  3. Download the raw *.xpi file
  4. Drag and drop it into Firefox