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What's new in Incanter

Changes for 1.5.7


  • Make compatible with Clojure 1.7.0 & higher by excluding the new update function (Issue #321);
  • Fix for Issue #294: xy-plot draws wrong legends when the number of lines > 8;
  • PR ##302: Handle edge case in binary search where a single element vector would result in it getting stuck in an infinite loop;

Changes for 1.5.6


  • median returns Double/NaN when it receives empty list (PR #263);
  • sel returns dataset when :rows :all specified, independent on size/structure of the dataset (PR #259);
  • Fixed calculation of kurtosis (PR #260);
  • Fixed plots legend on group-by when repeated rows for the legend column are present (PR #253);
  • Fix for problems with gamma distribution (Issue #245);
  • Fix for rank-index function (PR #261, #262).


  • New functions in incanter.charts to work with series (PR #278):
    • has-series? - checks, does the chart have the series with given name;
    • remove-series - removes given series from chart;
    • extend-line - adds new data to existing series, or creates new series if it doesn't exist.
  • save-svg can also accept the OutputStream, not only the file name (PR #279).

Changes for 1.5.5


  • Fix the repl scripts (issue #215)
  • Correctly handle from-repo parameter of get-dataset function
  • Correctly scale parameter in sample-model-params
  • Columns are explicitely casted to str in read-dataset
  • Correct different problems found by Eastwood lint tool
  • Correctly handle missing values when using log-axis (issue #210)
  • BFGS minimization routine uses gradient-fn to estimate f-prime when it is not provided. This also entailed changing gradient-fn to accept matrices as well as vectors.
  • xy-plot and time-series-plot modified to take into account group-by names correctly for legend labels (issue #216)
  • draw for uniform-distribution uses specified min & max parameters
  • Correlation coefficient now 0.0 (not NaN) with constant vector
  • Fix for linear model adjusted R-squared (issue #194)
  • Catch divide by zero exceptions when calculating rho-k in fmin-bfgs
  • Correctly handle :legend for time-series-plot
  • Fix for minus for a single argument (issue #195)
  • chisq-test works correctly when :x is one sample collection


  • New functions in incanter.core:
    • aggregate performs the aggregation of data on given fields (issue #223)
    • get-column-id returns keyword version of column-key if convenient
  • New functions in incanter.stats:
    • implementation of gamma-coefficient function
    • concordant-pairs function
  • read-dataset now accepts the :comment-char parameter that specifies the commentary character

Breaking changes

  • (issue #245) Incanter used the 'rate' as parameter name, although in reality this was a 'scale' parameter ( For pdf-gamma, cdf-gamma & sample-gamma functions the new parameter :scale was introduced (equivalent to the old :rate parameter), and :rate parameter is now the 1/:scale...

Changes for 1.5.4

Made an error during deployment of 1.5.3, so 1.5.4 was released to fix this problem. Don't use 1.5.3!

Changes for 1.5.3


  • Issue 183: the pow & atan2 functions weren't implemented for matrices & datasets.
  • read-dataset now converts empty fields to nil, or user-supplied value (see Issue 182).
  • Documentation improvements.


  • New functions in incanter.charts:
    • set-point-size to control size of points on scatter plots.
  • New functions in incanter.core:
    • rename-cols allows to rename columns of dataset
    • replace-column replaces data in column of dataset with new values
    • add-column allows easier to add new column to dataset
    • add-derived-column adds a column to a dataset that is a function of existing columns
    • melt implements part of functionality of R's melt function from reshape package.

Changes for 1.5.2


  • Issue 168: the view function wasn't defined for Matrix class
  • Issue 161: maximal idx for slider wasn't correctly calculated
  • The sel function on nil was implemented, preventing from getting errors when there was no data specified in the $data variable
  • Issue 169: metadata wasn't added to ncol & nrow functions
  • Issue 164: to-vect was implemented only for Matrix class, now it works with any support data type
  • Issue 165: sel returns a dataset even if result has one row, and we're selecting columns.


  • Issue 166: You can use logarithmic axes (with different bases) in Incanter charts. See issue for more details

Changes for 1.5.1


  • Issue 157: when transform-with was used with Matrix, then source data was modified instead of working on copy of data
  • Issue 160: when 2-arguments version of solve was used, the exception was thrown

Changes for 1.5.0


  • incanter-core's matrix uses native BLAS through jBLAS/Clatrix - this greatly improves performance (on 64-bit Linux see "Known issues" section).
  • several interpolation functions were added to incanter-core module (as incanter.interpolation namespace).
  • a new option is added to heat-map - :include-zero?.
  • the tail function was added.
  • new function reorder-columns for a dataset that changes the order of appearance of the datset columns. It does not alter the row order.
  • save will print data to standard output if "-" is specified as file name.
  • sel and other functions ($, head, tail, etc.) can be used with lists (java.util.List).
  • the toeplitz function was added to generate Toeplitz matrix for given vector.
  • the scatter-plot-matrix function was added to incanter.chart module.
  • incanter.optimize was extended with minimize and maximise functions for performing unconstrained nonlinear optimization using the BFGS algorithm.
  • the new incanter.svg module provides save-svg function to output charts to SVG files. Include incanter-svg as dependency to use this functionality.

Many bugfixes

  • for function & parametric plots, line is finished in max-range point.
  • permutation matrix is returned in LU decomposition.
  • linear-model now correctly calculates t-probs.
  • fixed division by zero in linear-model for some data.

Modified behavior

  • sel will return dataset when :rows or :cols are non-numbers - this changes previous behaviour when list was returned if only one row or col was specified.
  • mult & mmult always return matrices, even if it's 1x1 matrix.

Known issues

  • conj'ing of matrix & vector doesn't work with new Clatrix - you can either use bind-rows, or wrap vector into another vector:

    (def M (matrix [[0 1] [2 3] [4 5]])) (conj M [6 7]) ; => doesn't work (bind-rows M [6 7]) ; => works (conj M [[6 7]]) ; => works

  • decomp-qr performs only full QR decomposition, and the :type parameter is ignored.

  • On 64-bit Linux you need to install libgfortran3 package. See jblas wiki for more details

Updated dependencies

  • Clatrix: 0.3.0
  • Clojure: 1.5.1
  • JLine: 2.11

Changes for 1.4.x

Major changes are:

  • The incanter.sql module was added to allow load datasets from databases using ClojureQL.
  • Support for parametric plots in incanter.chart module
  • Bugfixes

Changes for 1.3.x

Major changes are:

  • Switch to Leiningen 2 for development
  • Incanter-processing was removed. It's recommended to use Quil instead
  • Updated versions of dependencies:
    • Clojure: 1.4.0
    • Parallelcolt: 0.10.0
    • math.combinatorics: 0.0.3
    • Apache POI (for incanter.excel): 3.8
    • clj-time: 0.4.4
    • Congomongo: 0.3.3
  • incanter.core/get-input-stream & incanter.core/get-input-reader are removed in favor of input-stream & reader from
  • Many bugfixes -- thank you for all people who sent us pull requests!