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Imhotep is a large-scale analytics platform built by Indeed.


Imhotep is a highly scalable analytics platform that lets you do the following:

  • Perform fast, interactive, ad hoc queries and aggregate results for large datasets
  • Combine results from multiple time-series datasets
  • Build your own data tools for analysis, monitoring, reporting, and automated data processing on top of the Imhotep platform

Getting Started

See the quick start page for instructions.


Continuous Build


Ask and answer questions in our Q&A forum for Imhotep: indeedeng-imhotep-users

Related Projects

iql: Web interface for making IQL queries against an Imhotep cluster

iupload: TSV uploader webapp for an Imhotep cluster

imhotep-tsv-converter: Tool to convert TSV files into Flamdex indexes for Imhotep

imhotep-cloudformation: Cloudformation scripts and other helper scripts for spinning up an Imhotep cluster in AWS

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