A simple and fun take on a Snake game with a twist!
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One night, Snake had a dream. Snake dreamt of a world with unlimited supplies of tasty pixel apples, which was his favorite snack. However, the dream was not a happy one. In this world, a mystical and terrible pool called out for him, promising great rewards, but at the cost of great sacrifice. The strange situation Snake was in made him crawl around in such a pace that walls and even his own body became a lethal threat.

The pool calls as the dream carries on..

Start the game by following this link.

Casual Snake and the mystical pool?

This game is a simple and fun take on a Snake game with a twist. Casual Snake introduces the concept of a pool that can make things quite interesting.

How do I control Snake?

Use your arrow keys or swipe if you're using a mobile device.

I love this game, but it sucks to enter the URL in my mobile phone each time I want to play

Then add it as a desktop entry! :)

Is there a leaderboard?

Nope, your scores are stored locally in your browser. Screenshots and other ways to brag about your points will have to do.

Things does not work

That may be because you're using Internet Explorer. This game was developed using Chrome, so you can always try to switch to that browser instead.

A technical note

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. Follow the instructions there if you want to fire up the game after cloning this repo.