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Inferno Collection: Vehicle Attachment

Build Status

Public Beta Version 1.5

A lightweight vehicle attachment/tow script for FiveM. Attach vehicles to other vehicles and adjust the positioning with easy to use keybinds. Multiple attachments to the same vehicles (such as a flatbed trailer) are also possible.

This resource requires at least OneSync "legacy". Use Public Beta Version 1.3 if you do not want to use OneSync.

Presently, the following can be customized:

  • Toggleable line that is drawn to show you what vehicle you are interacting with.
  • Toggleable chat message instructions on how to move vehicles around.
  • Attachment black/whitelist.
    • Toggleable between the two.
    • Toggleable option to have a complete whitelist, allowing control of which vehicles can and cannot be towed.
  • Max number of vehicles attached to one tow vehicle
  • Max distance from tow vehicles other vehicles can be attached.
  • Control over how fast/slow attachment positioning is.
  • Option to drive vehicles onto towing vehicle to confirm position (/attach driveon)


  • Go up to a vehicle and type /attach or /attach driveon
  • Select the tow vehicle, and then vehicle to be towed with the Enter key
  • Follow on screen instructions to position the vehicle
  • Repeat for as many vehicles as you would like to attach
  • When ready to detach, type /detach near a tow vehicle and vehicles will detach in the reverse order they were attached

Development Showcase Video (Showing Public Beta Version 1.21)

Watch the Development Showcase video


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