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info-beamer hosted package SDK

In this repository you'll find useful files that help you develop info-beamer hosted packages.


dev-mode is a rapid development helper tool that allows you to instantly sync a package that you're developing to an info-beamer device. can be used as part of an info-beamer hosted service. Add this file to your package. Inside your python based service import some of the utility objects provided. Example:

from hosted import config, node, device, api

There are more functions that you can call from your service that allow you to, for example, turn the connected screen on/off or reboot the device:


You can access all configuration for the current node made by the user in the config object like this:


# or


You can automatically restart your service by calling


once. If the system detects that the configuration file changed, your service will be terminated and restarted so it can use the new settings.

Additionally there are certain info-beamer provided APIs that you can call. The APIs are experimental right now and more will be added in the future. Stay tuned.

print(api.list()) # gets list of APIs

# call 'weather' API for a location. Behaves like a `requests`
# get request, except the url is set automatically. It returns
# a dict with the API response.
print({'lat': 50, 'lon': 9}))


hosted.lua can be use in an info-beamer node that needs easier access to the configurations made by the user. In your node.lua file, call


once at the top of your script. info-beamer will look for hosted.lua, node.json and package.json and will automatically parse config.json for you.

You can then access the configuration in the global CONFIG value:



The mockup hosted.js allows you to develop custom ui pages without pushing your package to info-beamer hosted. Instead you can create a mockup environment to test your code locally. See the linked documentation for more information how all of that works together.