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changed example command to have preference for replay

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1 parent c4c6601 commit 555d036e907290b1c5b2bbb8af314f2f3eb68d22 Missy committed May 2, 2013
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2 bin/squirrel.rb
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
clear all caches
ruby squirrel.rb cache --host=localhost --port=9200 --clear_all_cache=true
run slow log queries
- ruby squirrel.rb replay --host=localhost --port=9200 --execute_slow_queries=/var/log/elasticsearch/padraig.log
+ ruby squirrel.rb replay --host=localhost --port=9200 --preference=true,_primary_first --execute_slow_queries=/var/log/elasticsearch/padraig.log
get backup an index aka generate a dumpfile
ruby squirrel.rb backup --host=localhost --port=9200 --output_dir="." --dump_index=flight_count_20130405 --batch_size=100 --dump_mapping=flight_count_20130405_mapping.json
get the cardinality of a dumpfile(card_file)

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