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Slack integration for Mantis bug tracker
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A MantisBT plugin to send bug updates to Slack channels.


  • Extract this repo to your Mantis folder/plugins/Slack.
  • On the Slack side, add a new "Incoming Webhooks" integration and note the URL that Slack generates for you.
  • On the MantisBT side, access the plugin's configuration page and fill in your Slack webhook URL.
  • You can map your MantisBT projects to Slack channels by setting the plugin_Slack_channels option in Mantis. Follow the instructions on the plugin's configuration page to get there. Make sure the plugin_Slack_channels configuration option is set to "All Users", with type "complex". Example value for this setting:

        array (
          'My First Mantis Project' => '#general',
          'My Second Mantis Project' => '#second-project'
  • You can specify which bug fields appear in the Slack notifications. Edit the plugin_Slack_columns configuration option for this purpose. Follow the instructions on the plugin configuration page.

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