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May 24, 2022

Infracost breakdown command

Infracost shows cloud cost estimates for Terraform. It lets DevOps, SRE and engineers see a cost breakdown and understand costs before making changes, either in the terminal or pull requests.

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Get started

Follow our quick start guide to get started 🚀

Infracost also has many CI/CD integrations so you can easily post cost estimates in pull requests. This provides your team with a safety net as people can discuss costs as part of the workflow.

Post cost estimates in pull requests

Infracost in GitHub Actions

Output of infracost breakdown

Infracost breakdown command

infracost diff shows diff of monthly costs between current and planned state

Infracost diff command

Supported clouds and resources

Infracost supports over 230 Terraform resources across AWS, Azure and Google. Other IaC tools, such as Pulumi, AWS CloudFormation/CDK and Azure ARM/Bicep are on our roadmap.

Infracost can also estimate usage-based resources such as AWS S3 or Lambda!

Community and contributing

Join our community Slack channel to learn more about cost estimation, Infracost, and to connect with other users and contributors. Checkout the pinned issues for our next community call or our YouTube for previous calls.

We ❤️ contributions big or small. For development details, see the contributing guide. For major changes, including CLI interface changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Thanks to all the people who have contributed, including bug reports, code, feedback and suggestions!


Apache License 2.0