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InQlik command line interface tools
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InQlik command line interface tools

Set of command line tools supporting QlikView development process

#QVS. Parser for QlikView load scripts

Command line tool to check syntax of QlikView load scripts

Can be used with InQlik-Tools for Sublime Text as optional build system, or as standalone tool


Built with Dart programming language, based on Lukas Renggli's PetitParser library.

##Installation and usage

Easiest way is to download prepackaged qvs-dist archive (approximately 3.5Mb) from qvs-dist and extract files into some location. Then run dart.exe qvs.snapshot from that directory to get command-line help. To incomporate qvs into InQlik-Tools for Sublime Text, edit file QlikView.sublime-build change strings c:\\qvs\\ to directory where you extracted qvs-dist (or just extract files into c:\qvs) Then copy QlikView.sublime-build file into User package directory (in Sublime Text menu command Preferences \ Browse Packages... then directory User)

Alternatevely you can install DartEditor, clone main qvs repository and use sourcecode.

Online version of parser with constricted functionality available here


Restrictions of online version are:

  • $(include=...) and $(must_include=...) directives not supported.
  • default include files not supported

Additional info about that tool will be on InQlik blog

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