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CodeWarden 0.1

This web application is a simple online coding competition framework. It was initially used for Instructure's Mebipenny 2011 coding competition.


This application is a standard WSGI-capable web app. A sample Apache configuration is provided in files/etc/apache2/sites-available.

This application relies on a separate web application called StraitJacket to do all the hard work. Please see for more info.

Be sure to take a look at server.conf to configure your database connection and StraitJacket setup appropriately.

You will probably need to use one of the files in the schema subdirectory to initialize your database for the first run.

Last, make sure to generate a file called ".openid_secret_key" filled with some random data.


CodeWarden is released under the AGPLv3. Please see COPYRIGHT and LICENSE.

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