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Instructure, Inc.


  1. canvas-lms canvas-lms Public

    The open LMS by Instructure, Inc.

    Ruby 5.3k 2.4k

  2. ims-lti ims-lti Public

    A Ruby library to help implement IMS LTI tool consumers and providers

    Ruby 191 119

  3. instructure-ui instructure-ui Public

    A UI Component Library made by Instructure, Inc.

    TypeScript 425 100

  4. switchman switchman Public

    Ruby 63 26

  5. tinymce-a11y-checker tinymce-a11y-checker Public

    An accessibility checker plugin for TinyMCE.

    JavaScript 22 17

  6. common-cartridge-viewer common-cartridge-viewer Public

    View Common Cartridges in the browser

    JavaScript 56 19


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