Libva is an implementation for VA-API (VIdeo Acceleration API)
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XinfengZhang libva 2.4.0 pre1
Bump VA-API version to 1.4.0 pre1 and libva to 2.4.0 pre1

Signed-off-by: XinfengZhang <>
Latest commit 2852675 Oct 23, 2018

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Libva Project

Libva is an implementation for VA-API (Video Acceleration API)

VA-API is an open-source library and API specification, which provides access to graphics hardware acceleration capabilities for video processing. It consists of a main library and driver-specific acceleration backends for each supported hardware vendor.

If you would like to contribute to libva, check our Contributing guide.

We also recommend taking a look at the 'janitorial' bugs in our list of open issues as these bugs can be solved without an extensive knowledge of libva.

We would love to help you start contributing!

Doxygen files are regularly updated through Github Pages and can be accessed directly through github pages libva

The libva development team can be reached via our mailing list and on IRC in channel ##intel-media on Freenode.

We also use #Slack and host VAAPI Media Slack Team. You can signup by submitting your email address to our Slack Team invite page.

Slack complements our other means of communication. Pick the one that works best for you!