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Generator for GWT RPC async interfaces and RxJava adapter types
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AutoRPC GWT Generator

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Annotation processor to generate GWT RPC async interfaces and RxJava adapter types. Add autorpc-gwt-processor to your classpath (not required at runtime) and your async interfaces will be automatically generated. Rx interfaces will be generated only if the RxJava library is in the classpath.

Example project here. To run the example project just execute mvn gwt:devmode from parent project.


Releases are deployed to the Central Repository.

Snapshots of the development version are available in Sonatype's snapshots repository.


The processor generates async interfaces for all classes annotated with @RemoteServiceRelativePath. This should works correctly almost always, but if you do not use this annotation you can use @AutoRpcGwt annotation included in the autorpc-gwt-annotations project (in this case, you should add this project as a dependency). However, if what you want is to skip the generation of one of yours services, you can add the annotation @SkipRpcGwt. You can use whatever annotation that matches this name or just add a dependency to autorpc-gwt-annotations and use the provided one.

Async interfaces returns always Request. GWT RPC support void, Request and RequestBuilder as return types, but this libs has considered that there are no advantages of returning void instead of Request. And returning Request might be interesting in some situations like request cancellation (automatically done by the Rx adapter if the observable is unsubscribed). RequestBuilder might be used in some cases to add some header, this return type is not supported to simplify implementation, but you can (and, IMO should) manipulate the RequestBuilder using a custom RpcRequestBuilder and overriding doCreate or doFinish like in this example.

GreetingServiceAsync async = GWT.create(GreetingService.class);
((RemoteServiceProxy) async).setRpcRequestBuilder(new RpcRequestBuilder() {
    @Override protected void doFinish(RequestBuilder rb) {
        rb.setHeader("X-Custom-Header", "Hi!");
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