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@shauke shauke released this 01 Apr 14:25
· 892 commits to develop since this release

required Intershop Commerce Management version:


  • support for cXML punchout shopping (login, transfer order) (#550) (b23d5ef)
  • check for multiple punchout roles (cXML or OCI) for punchout UI adaptions (f5a1a2c)
  • support for new OCI Punchout REST API v2 including product validation and background search (a5226f7)
  • extend the role-toggle service and not-role-toggle directive to check against multiple roles if one is included (4a8f7e3)
  • extend basket handling to work with a specific basket id instead of 'current' (edd1d0a)
  • login user with given token (e.g. from URL) (107aff9)
  • add support for setting 'responseType' header for REST calls (e73343e)
  • add support for providing options for the 'resolveLink/resolveLinks' functionality (f8b2be6)
  • SSO with Auth0 for B2B (#597) (b8ada93)
  • replace any typescript file by configuration (#616) (7b39473)
  • parameterized user/customer related success messages (f739c45)
  • inquire password for user email/login update (#599) (9980e21)
  • same-site property for cookies service (adc1ec6)
  • product context access directive (#605) (fedbc59)
  • show available stock if available (#598) (57bf890)

Bug Fixes

  • re-apply transferred state for later initialized feature states (#628) (b2dd286)
  • unnecessary feature module load (#631) (9baa213)
  • allow parentheses in urls (#611) (15a66f6)
  • adapt nginx Dockerfile to nginx-prometheus-exporter changes and pinned version (#632, #633) (496753c)
  • adapt purgecss configuration to prevent purging needed styles (#601) (87a3135)
  • display validation error messages for payment method ISH Demo Credit Card (f7f7ea1)
  • display error message in case the profanity check fails after wishlist/order template creation (8386523)
  • map server-config value for null correctly (fef26d9)
  • run pipeline only on intershop account (#606) (f0c3255)
  • repair add-destroy schematic (#602) (bcc0401)

Performance Improvements

  • use lazy properties on product context (#617) (1126496)
  • forbid omit from lodash-es as it is not used to its full potential (#604) (30a43c8)



  • Introduced registration form configuration via a new registration configuration service.
  • Further form refactorings to use Formly forms.