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@suschneider suschneider released this 03 Sep 16:08
· 882 commits to develop since this release

required Intershop Commerce Management version:


  • add version method for inspecting version information (#858) (4b9294f)
  • Cost Center selection for checkout (#807) (72a439f)
  • display product attachments at the product detail page (#840) (d275b95)

Bug Fixes

  • enable logout of punchout user in combination with SSO (#852) (eb4f222)
  • let purgecss only search app sources (8db741a)
  • stylePreprocessorOptions missing on server build (#834) (2069f47)
  • broken page on missing requisition data like user and budget (#859) (0f3f847)
  • prevent double requests after inserting a SKU on direct order and quickorder form including validation (fb2e192)
  • prevent call for empty product on quickorder and direct order (#844) (385a855)
  • propagate extra arguments in build:multi script (5ece62e)
  • mainNavigationMaxSubCategoriesDepth configuration with '0' fails to disable main navigation hover menu (#850) (725cfb8)
  • use translate compiler for fallback translations (#843) (69af5ff)
  • THEME variable should be string (fc519bc)
  • align table heading with associated content in quickorder form (#832) (64c0e1d)
  • insert none default theme at the end (e2d7639)