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REALLY lazy static sites with Bootstrap and Markdown.


Note that this project now has a dependency on the Project ThoughtStorms libraries.

pip install thoughtstorms markdown pyyaml

then :

git clone
cd bootdown/example/
python ../
firefox example/index.html

Compare what's in the file (your entire site), with the produced static site.


Basically it's a Markdown to HTML processor with some extra tricks added to it

  • A header section that lets you define a menu, footer, projectname, bootswatch, head_extra (extra code to put in page headers)
  • A "page-break" option (lines beginning with ////) so that your single .md file becomes a number of HTML pages
  • A very light-weight markup for defining divs with classes and ids using [.CLASSNAME#ID and .]
  • A markup for including CSV files as tables, embedding YouTube videos, BandCamp albums and SoundCloud albums. This is now based on, and kept in sync with the Project ThoughtStorms wiki-engine.

Unlike most static site systems that are built around templating engines, with BootDown you write both your page content, and the structure in a single source file. Using [. .] for divs. This gives you all the flexibility you need to layout your pages any way you like, within the BootStrap grid.

Aims and Features

  • To be the quickest, laziest way to make an "acceptable" flat site.
  • Emphasis on the "acceptable". Comes with several off-the-shelf Bootstrap / Bootswatches to choose from.
  • But strongly discourages you trying to write your own CSS or other styling. No templates!
    • (Well, actually you CAN put a custom template in but it's a hack.)
  • Write your entire site in a single .md file. No faffing with managing multiple source files.
    • (Unless you really want to, in which case put further .md files in an extra_pages subdirectory.)
  • Suitable for landing pages, documentation sites, guides, handbooks, portfolios etc.


Needs ThoughtStorms and Python's Markdown, YAML and CSV libraries installed.


REALLY lazy static sites with Markdown and Bootstrap



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