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Passport IBM Cloud Example

This project contains an example project that illustrates using Passport with Node and React.


You will need the following things properly installed on your computer.


  • git clone
  • cd passport-bluemix-example
  • ./server> npm install
  • ./react> npm install

Passport and Database Configuration

  • Start up Passport Backend
  • Log into Passport Backend and create a new API key using the value from the server/config/config.json configuration file
  • Create a MySQL database called user_todos by executing this in the MySQL shell
    • create database user_todos character set = 'utf8mb4' collate = 'utf8mb4_bin';
  • Grant privileges to the dev user to this database by executing this in the MySQL shell
    • grant all on user_todos.* to 'dev'@'localhost' identified by 'dev';

Running / Development

  • ./server> npm start
    • Debug mode ./server> node --inspect server.js
  • ./react> npm start

Inversoft Internal Use

The following is for Inversoft use, if you've cloned this repository your application names will be different.

Deploying React frontend to IBM Cloud

  • ./react> npm run build
  • ./react> cf push todo-passport-node-example

Deploying Node ToDo backend to IBM Cloud

  • ./server> cf push todo-backend-passport-node-example