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Releases: invoiceninja/invoiceninja

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Working on hosted upgrades
Improve trial page
Increase backoff period
Force company currency for purchase orders
Ensure we do not remove gateway fee prematurely
Fixes for payment layouts (Regression)
Exclude canvaskit path for hosted
Implement 3DS for Braintree
Fixes for seeders
Fixes for customer request class

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Fixes for send now functionality of recurring invoice
Single root element for wepay signups
Fixes for single root - Livewire
Update resources to defer
Minor fixes for client portal queries
Optimize css bundles
Fixes for tests
If blank exchange rate is sent, force 1

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Configuration for in app purchases
Move lightlogs to batch
Improve client imports
Add recurring invoice id to expense when it is generated
Fixes for support messages
Fixes for check data
Minor fixes for support messages
Ensure we also query trashed client records before lock
Logging around generates counter
Additional logging in generates counter
Minor fixes + additional logging
Fixes for applying numbers
Fixes for entity policy not capturing recurring invoice policies
Update customer details
Fixes for restricting csv imports
Add redundancy checks when creating task numbers
Port entity policy changes to view() policy
Set SEPA stripe token payments to pending
Fixes for QR Ibans with no payment references
Fixes for adding a payment method with
Adapt Email entity sending using emailentity
Fixes for sending custom templates with purchase orders
Add webhook functionality to credits
Fixes for tests

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Add secondary font as a variable in HTMLENGINE
Add additional field for reports to companies table
Fixes for InputBag
Fixes for race condition when saving expense numbers
Improve date resolution in recurring invoices
Improve float parsing in csv imports
Additional checks for GoCardless webhooks
Improve efficiency of lightlogs
Fixes for vendor templates
Fixes for sending purchase orders when using a custom template
Change [] for vendors to
Move lightlogs back to batching

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Add check if plan is expired
Add checks for ninja portal urls
Improve handling of purchaseOrder and purchase_order
Updates for vendor routes
Client Paid To Date updates
Fixes for tech template
Fixes for braintree
Update client presenter methods
Updated composer lock
Fixes for default mark down settings
Fixes for tests.
Fixes for auto billing when using credits
Working on credit paymenta
Fixes for store payment request
Ensure documents array is an array
Handle single contact object passed into array
Handle single contact object passed into array
Fixes for handling partial payments with credits
Fixes for stripe error message when authorizing credit card
Fixes for seeding languages
Refactor for client balance
Fixes for select box background color
Fixes for registration fields and ensure client contact email is uniq…
Remove redundant code from CompanySettings
CLean up code paths for client balance
Remove DispatchNow()

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Stripe Imports: Check for valid bank account property before attempting to iterate
Set required fields to lazy
Refactor for switch plans
Better logging around setLateFee()
Better logging around setLateFee()
Fresh client prior to updating
Update project name to just project for label
Add option to send payment email when invoice has been marked as paid
Fixes for canvaskit path
Fixes for inventory notifications

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Minor fixes for invitation in view portal
Fixes for showing invoice
Allow client variables in purchase orders
Refactor trial confirmed page
Fixes for applying payment number
Clean up login controller
Catch and remove updates for oauth_provider_id
Add checks for oauth provider id
Fixes for github actions
Use transaction when marking an invoice as paid
Adjust spam filtering
Minor fixes for templates
Formatting for client emails
Check for exec function prior to attemping to use it
Minor fixes for client filter sorted by display name
Support for vendor and vendor contact imports
update vendor csv for tests
Refactor recurring invoice query
Improve query efficiency
Fixes for transforming vendor contacts
Add indexes to DB

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Add vendor & expense includes for purchase orders
Add missing translations
Add new column for invoice_task_project
Fixes for project with both project and client id
Wrap client paid to date in transaction
Toggle sms verification based on domain
Remove ssl config
Ensure invoice marked as paid
Update purchase order invitations table
Update client records when trial activated in Stripe
Refactor to nested queries to improve query planner
Improve query efficiency

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Additions for hosted
Update user observer to dispatch a job
Set relative path for canvaskit
Clean up for mail listener
Fixes for task requests
Adjust credit balance on client record
Working on client credit balance field
Tests for credit balance
Update credit balances when a payment is deleted
Add daily checks for credit balances
Fixes for restoring a credit
Refactor for payments to improve query efficiency
Refactor payment queries for improved efficiency
Valid credits rules