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Invoice Ninja

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All Pro and Enterprise features from the hosted app are included in the open-source code. We offer a $20 per year white-label license to remove our branding for personal use.

The self-host zip includes all third party libraries whereas downloading the code from GitHub requires using Composer to install the dependencies.

Affiliates Programs

  • Referral Program (we pay you)
  • White-Label Reseller (you pay us)
    • Hosted: $500 annually and either 10% of revenue or $1/user/month
    • Self-Hosted: Contact us for volume license pricing

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Third Party Modules

Feel free to email us for help if you're working on a module, we're happy to provide developer support.

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All contributors are welcome!
For information on how contribute to Invoice Ninja, please see our contributing guide.


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Invoice Ninja is released under the Attribution Assurance License.
See LICENSE for details.