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The certusine package provides an ACME client.


  • Uses acme4j internally for strong RFC compliance.
  • Exclusively uses the DNS-01 ACME challenge type for ease of integration with infrastructure without having to set up insecure web servers.
  • A small, easily auditable codebase with a heavy use of modularity for correctness.
  • Exposes a service provider API for integrating with new DNS APIs.
  • Exposes a service provider API for implementing new types of certificate outputs.
  • Supports Vultr DNS.
  • Supports Gandi LiveDNS.
  • Supports writing certificates to looseleaf servers.
  • Heavily instrumented with OpenTelemetry for reliable service monitoring.
  • An extensive automated test suite with high coverage.
  • A small footprint; the client is designed to run in tiny 16-32mb JVM heap configurations.
  • Platform independence. No platform-dependent code is included in any form, and installations can largely be carried between platforms without changes.
  • OSGi-ready.
  • JPMS-ready.
  • ISC license.


See the documentation.