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The streamtime package provides a simple extension to Java I/O streams that can track transfer rates and provide statistics.


  • Input and output stream implementations that track and regularly broadcast transfer statistics.
  • High coverage test suite.
  • OSGi-ready.
  • JPMS-ready.
  • ISC license.


Create a STTimedInputStream from an existing InputStream, and provide it with a Consumer<STTransferStatistics> function that receives transfer updates:

InputStream is;
Consumer<STTransferStatistics> f;

try (var input = new STTimedInputStream(f, is)) {

The f function will be called at a rate of roughly once per second, with a new value of type STTransferStatistics describing the expected number of octets, the current number of octets, and the current number of octets received per second.

The STTimedOutputStream class works similarly, but for OutputStream values.