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A minimalist JUnit 5 extension to register AutoCloseable resources that will be destroyed after tests finish executing.


  • Written in pure Java 21.
  • OSGi ready.
  • JPMS ready.
  • ISC license.
  • High-coverage automated test suite.


For whatever reason, JUnit 5 does not include any utility to register per-test resources and automatically have them cleaned up.

The zelador package provides a tiny JUnit 5 extension that allows for registering AutoCloseable objects that must be closed after tests finish executing.


$ mvn clean verify


Annotate your test suite with @ExtendWith(ZeladorExtension.class). This will allow tests to get access to an injected CloseableResourcesType instance that can be used to register resources to be closed.

public final class ExampleTest
  public void test0(
    final CloseableResourcesType resources)
    var output = resources.addPerTestResource(Files.newOutputStream(...));

  public void test1(
    final CloseableResourcesType resources)
    var output = resources.addPerTestClassResource(Files.newOutputStream(...));

Resources added with addPerTestResource will be closed after the individual test has finished (as if it had been closed in an @AfterEach method).

Resources added with addPerTestClassResource will be closed after all tests in the class have finished (as if it had been closed in an @AfterAll method).

AutoCloseable is a functional interface and, as such, it's trivial to pass objects to the CloseableResourcesType class that do not implement AutoCloseable by simply using a method reference:

class NotReallyCloseable {
  public void finish() { ... }

NotReallyCloseable x;