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IonDB Wiki

Welcome to the user documentation for IonDB. If you're looking for help getting started, try the Basic User Interface page for some quickstart information.

If you're looking to dive deeper into IonDB and to utilize some features not exposed in the C++ wrapper, the Dictionary Level Interface page details how to use IonDB directly through its C layer.

If you'd like to contribute to IonDB or tweak it to fit your needs, the Contributing and Development on IonDB page contains helpful info that will get you started in building and running tests.

Known flaws and missing functionality is documented at IonDB Limitations and Known Bugs. This page is primarily for features that are significant and missing.

You can visit IonDB's homepage at Our continuous integration platform can be found at, where builds are automatically run on commit. A build is also run nightly for tests that run directly on the Arduino device.

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