An optional frosted-glass effect for iOS 7 styled Ionic apps.
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Ionic Frosted Glass

An optional frosted-glass effect for iOS 7 styled Ionic apps.

Demo here

To use, include ionic.contrib.frostedGlass.css and ionic.contrib.frostedGlass.js in your app.

Then, apply the frosted-bar attribute directive to a <header-bar> or <nav-bar> to get the frosted effect. Note: you must also have a <content> directive on the page which is where the content will be taken from for the blur. Also, feel free to use the extra class bar-frosted for header bars that comes with the CSS, which gives you a light grey header bar much like iMessage:

  <pane ng-controller="PageCtrl">
    <header-bar frosted-bar title="'Title'" type="bar-frosted"></header-bar>

    <content has-header="true" has-footer="true" padding="true">
      <ol class="messages">
        <li ng-repeat="message in messages" ng-bind-html="message.content">

Unfortunately, it's not feasible to auto blur the content if it changes. To notify the frosted glass system to redraw itself, you can use the $ionicFrostedDelegate service:

controller('MyCtrl', function($scope, $ionicFrostedDelegate, $ionicScrollDelegate) {
  $scope.addNew = function() {
    // Add new data
    // Resize the scroll area

    // Update the frosted glass system

    // If you wish, scroll to the bottom of the scroll box to show the new content
    $timeout(function() {
    }, 1);