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Go Makefile
Latest commit 350b731 Feb 15, 2017 @ionrock Remove the before in cli to support --clean
I was using the Before func to prep the env but that disconnected the
resulting environment from actual command. Rather than figuring out
how to make that work within the context of cli, I moved the calling
of the command to a single action function.

I have a feeling I could remove the cli dep in favor of something else
as well like pflags.


Withenv takes YAML files and applies them to the environment prior to running a command. The idea is that rather than relying on shell variables being set, you can explicitly define what environment variables you want to use.

For example, here is some YAML that might be helpful when connecting to an OpenStack Cloud.


You can then run commands (ie in Ansible for example) that read this information.

$ we -e test_user_creds.yml ansible-play install-app

See the Python Docs for info.