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IOST - A High-Performance, Developer-Friendly Blockchain

IOST is a smart contract platform designed with a strong emphasis on performance and developer experience. It provides a robust infrastructure for building complex blockchain applications with ease and efficiency.


  1. V8 JavaScript Engine: The V8 JavaScript engine is integrated directly into the blockchain, enabling developers to write smart contracts using JavaScript. This brings about a world of benefits as JavaScript is a universally known language, making the development process easier and quicker. Furthermore, the V8 engine, being Google Chrome's open-source JavaScript engine, is known for its speed, which translates into extremely efficient smart contract execution.

  2. High Scalability: IOST blockchain delivers high throughput with thousands of transactions per second (TPS), making it suitable for large-scale applications. While maintaining this high scalability, it also employs a more decentralized consensus mechanism than DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake), ensuring a balance between performance and decentralization.

  3. Fast Block Times and Finality: With a 0.5-second block time and 0.5-minute finality, developers can create responsive, real-time applications. This rapid finality ensures transactions are confirmed quickly, in less than a minute. This is a highly desirable feature for developers as it improves user experience by providing swift, secure transaction confirmations.

  4. Free Transactions: IOST offers free transactions. Users can stake coins to acquire gas, eliminating the need for transaction fees and making the platform more user-friendly.


Environment Requirements

  • OS: Ubuntu 22.04 or later
  • Go: 1.20 or later

Please note that the IOST node utilizes the CGO V8 JavaScript engine and currently only supports the x64 architecture.


  • Build a local binary: Run make build
  • Start a local development network: Run make debug
  • Build a Docker image: Run make image

For comprehensive documentation, please visit: IOST Developer

Join our tech community on Telegram for discussions, updates, and support.

Happy hacking! We look forward to seeing what you build on the IOST platform.