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Plugin for phonegap/cordova to display a dialog and redirect to GPS settings when de GPS is disable.
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Plugin for phonegap/cordova greater or equal than v3.0.0 to display a dialog and redirect to GPS settings when de GPS is disable.


Just type the following statement in your cli Cordova or phonegap .

phonegap plugin add

or cordova plugin add

if you want to install a specific version just add #v<version> to the link


phonegap plugin add


After installation , you can access the object dialogGPS embedded in cordova

document.addEventListener("deviceready",function() {
  * @param message {string}       message to be displayed.
  * @param description {string}   description of the propertie that you want change.
  * @param callback {function}    callback function to send the index when a button is pressed
  * @param title {string}         title of dialog
  * @param buttons {array}        array with the buttons names with a max three names.
  cordova.dialogGPS("hello world",function(buttonIndex) {
        //do something with the buttonIndex

Remember: Remember, the object cordova.dialogGPS can only be accessed after the document is fully charged . This occurs when deviceready is called. Therefore it is recommended to make the call to the object within this function .

If cordova.dialogGPS() was call without options this will be result to a default message. If you want to customize it, you can passed options to the constructor.

Default dialog on android 5.0.2

screenshot on lollipop (android 5.0.2)



First argument, a string with the text to display in the dialog.

Description Second argument, is the text next to the icon of location.

Callback function

If you like use callbacks functions. You can pass a callback function as the third argument. This will result after capture a click event in the dialog:

  • 0, if the cancel button or the negative button was pressed.
  • 1, if the neutral button was pressed.
  • 2, if the positive button was pressed.


The title of dialog indicated with a string as the fourth argument.

Buttons's Array

The buttonsLabels array as the fifth argument, with the name of the each button to be displayed in the dialog. The names must follow the next order: Negative button,Neutral button(optional),positive button.

Example: ["Cancel","Later","Go to Settings"]

Some Examples

You can integrate the plugin with geolocation plugin for doing that just wrapped the call to dialogGPS in a function and called from the error callback from geolocation.



function calldialog() {
    //default dialog

Here is an example with all the arguments passed:

function calldialog() {
 document.addEventListener("deviceready",function() {
  cordova.dialogGPS("Your GPS is Disabled, this app needs to be enable to works.",//message
                    "Use GPS, with wifi or 3G.",//description
                      switch(buttonIndex) {
                        case 0: break;//cancel
                        case 1: break;//neutro option
                        case 2: break;//user go to configuration
                      "Please Turn on GPS",//title

The code above result in this dialog:

custom dialog on lollipop (android 5.0.2)


This plugin was created under the MIT license.

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