Livesplit inspired (style) web browser based timer with splits
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WIP LiveSplit inspired (style) web browser based timer with splits.

Live Demo

Currently being tested mostly with Chrome and Firefox, while trying to keep IE10+ compatibility (But not guaranteed). Other modern browsers should work, but are untested.

Other Web Based Timers

Here's a list of some other cool timers with splits I've seen around on github you might be interested in

About WebSplit

Abandon hope all ye who enter here: Welcome to my first attempt at doing stuff with javascript.

A while ago I had the idea of adding splits to but I never really stuck with it (and had zero javascript knowledge).

Now I'm mostly learning as I go and this timer is almost functional, and looks half decent on top of it.

There's still a fair bit of stuff I need to work out, but this is pretty much the furthest I've gotten with anything programming related.

Good luck, have fun.

  • iotku