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Oasis SI oneM2M Server

SI oneM2M Server is a server framework (IN-CSE) that supports interworking of devices and applications based on oneM2M, IoT international standard. Using SI oneM2M Server source code, you can build oneM2M-based device and application interworking server, and you can develop various oneM2M components such as AE, MN-CSE using oneM2M core source code.

This is IoT core infrastructure for various application services through the connection with SO & SDA platform as an IoT server platform supports various Bindings, IN-CSE Capability functions, DM server function for device management and interworking with heterogeneous IoT platform such as OIC/LWM2M/Fi-WARE based on oneM2M Release 2

  • Feature
    • IN-CSE functions based on oneM2M Release 2.0
    • Resource processing based on Release 2.0(TS-0004 2.7)
    • Supports Mca, Mcc, Mca' reference points
    • IN-CSE functions : Registration, Data Management Repository, Sub. & Notification, Discovery etc.
    • Protocol Bindings : HTTP, MQTT, CoAP, WebSocket
    • Serialization : XML, JSON, CBOR
    • Address format : CSE-relative/SP-relative/Absolute , Hierarchical/Non-Hierarchical Addressing
    • Semantic Descriptor support
    • Interworking IPE function : OIC(OCF), LWM2M
    • Device Management : mgmtObj, mgmtCmd
    • Security : TLS, Creator default ACP, Basic Authentication
    • Resource data management based on MongoDB




Applications you can try to test for SI oneM2M Server.

  • DM Web Server : The web module for device control.

    • Source Path : /si-modules/DM_Web_Server
    • User Guide : /si-user-guide/DM_Web_Server
    • DB query script : /si-onem2m-res
  • LWM2M DM/IPE : The module support management of LwM2M devices and interworking with SI oneM2M Server through IPE Server.

    • Source Path1 : /si-modules/LWM2M_IPE_Server
    • Source Path2 : /si-modules/LWM2M_IPE_Client
    • User Guide : /si-user-guide/LWM2M_DM_IPE
  • OIC IPE : The module based on OIC that support Device Handling and interworking with SI oneM2M Server through IPE Server.

    • Source Path1 : /si-modules/OIC-IPE
    • Source Path2 : /si-modules/OIC-IPE-Client
    • User Guide : /si-user-guide/OIC_IPE


  • [IoT Oasis Q&A]


Licensed under the BSD License, Version 2.0

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