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An iOS app which monitors a kegerator using BLE to communicate to a microcontroller.
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KegCop Build Status

Wilson demos KegCop


The purpose of this software is to create user accounts for a kegerator, and have a root account which recieves donations from the users for the beer they drink. To find out more information about the project check out the wiki

How does it work?

An iOS device, i.e. iPhone / iPod Touch will connect to a Bluno via Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy sending serial information to the microcontroller which will communicate with flow sensor(s) and a solenoid cut off valve. The iOS device will be the user interface for the entire operation, storing account information along with how many credits a particular user will have.


As of 24SEP15, this project is built with Xcode 7 using OS X (10.10.5) with a target for iOS 7.x and greater.

License and Copyright

All code is offered under the MIT license, unless otherwise noted. Please see LICENSE.txt for the full license. All code and documentation are Copyright 2015 Chris Jones, unless otherwise noted.


I would love for someone to make a branch and start editing some code. My Objective-C skills leave a lot to be desired. So if you have a great idea, don't hesitate to download the code and contribute. There is a guide for contributing, here


Download the app from the App Store, and load the following sketch on your Bluno, from here


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