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Grace is a feature-rich dependency injection container designed with ease of use and performance in mind.

using Grace.DependencyInjection;

var container = new DependencyInjectionContainer();

container.Configure(c => c.Export<BasicService>().As<IBasicService>());

var basicService = container.Locate<IBasicService>();

It's as easy as create, configure, and locate.

Getting Grace

NuGet package supports .Net 4.5 and .Net Standard 1.0.

Getting Started - A getting started guide for Grace as well as documentation for more complex topics

Features in Grace

  • Fluent interface or Attributes for configuration allowing for maximum flexibility
  • Supports child containers and light weight lifetime scopes
  • Contextual binding support (similar to NInject)
  • IDisposable objects created by the container will be tracked and disposed by the container unless configured otherwise.
  • Performance characteristics that make it one of the fastest containers available. (Benchmarks)
  • Supports special types
    • IEnumerable<T> - supports resolving collections as IEnumerable<T> as well as most other types of collections List<T>, ReadOnlyCollection<T>, T[] and any collection that implements ICollection<T>
    • Func<T> - supports resolving Func<T> automatically
    • Lazy<T> - when resolved a Lazy<T> will be created that resolves T from the scope it was created in
    • Owned<T> - object resolved within a Owned<T> will have their disposal lifecycle tied to the Owned<T> (similar to Autofac)
    • Meta<T> - objects resolved within a Meta<T> are resolved along with their metadata
    • Custom Delegates - any delegate that returns a type can be automatically resolved.
    • Custom interface factories with Grace.Factory
  • Many LifeStyles supported including Singleton, SingletonPerScope, SingletonPerRequest (MVC4, MVC5 & WCF packages), SingletonPerObjectGraph, SingletonPerAncestor<T>, and WeakSingleton. If none of the provided life styles meet your need you can always implement your own ICompiledLifeStyle class.
  • Built in support for the decorator pattern
  • Support for custom wrappers (Func<T> and Meta<T> are examples of built-in wrappers)
  • ASP.Net Core supports
  • Source Link support enabled
  • Release Notes

Special thanks to @silkfire for the logo


Grace is a feature rich dependency injection container library





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