ipython q4thread in version 10.1 not starting properly #182

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lupien commented Oct 24, 2010

With the new 10.1 version (i am using the fedora 13 package), the qt4 application thread is not started if I start ipython like (1):
ipython -pylab (my matplotlib config is setup for Qt4Agg)
ipython -q4thread

However starting as (2):
ipython -pylab -q4thread
work as expected.

To test, after starting, I execute:
from PyQt4 import QtGui
And this now fail (core dump) with 10.1 started like (1), but works with (2) and used to work
with version 10

I tracked down the problem to the calls of check_gtk in _select_shell in Shell.py.
The call to check_gtk changes th_mode to be tkthread for me even if I selected q4thread.
It should probably change th_mode only for gtk.
I did not check but it probably causes problem with qthread and wthread.


takluyver commented Mar 23, 2011

Cannot replicate in trunk or 0.10 on my setup. Can you still reproduce this, and if so, does it happen on trunk as well?


fperez commented Mar 23, 2011

Fixed in 0.10.2 (ready for release and already in the 0.10 series branch), closing.

fperez closed this Mar 23, 2011

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