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cmmp commented Oct 27, 2010

Currently it is not possible to format how many digits of precision one wants to have in the output of IPython. For example, typing 1.0/3 returns 0.33333333333333331. In Octave, the same computation returns: ans = 0.33333. The set_printoptions function partially solves this:

In [4]: set_printoptions(precision=4)
In [5]: array([1.0/3])
Out[5]: array([ 0.3333])

However, it doesn't work for regular python floats. Matlab has this, Octave has this (format long/short). It would be very nice if IPython had it too.

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minrk Feb 23, 2011


add %precision magic

closed by 637f887


minrk commented Feb 23, 2011

add %precision magic

closed by 637f887

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