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Problems with Control-C stopping ipcluster on Windows/Python2.6 #68

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Original Launchpad bug 515376:
Reported by: ellisonbg (Brian Granger).

When ipcluster is running and you hit Control-C, it should stop all of its child processes and then exit. On Windows, under Python 2.6, doing Control-C exits immediately and doesn't stop the child processes. When using the WinbHPC scheduler, these child processe are job.exe. When I add --log-level 10 to ipcluster and then retry, I see that it looks like the job.exe processes have already exited. This could be a tough one to track down and the problem could even be in Twisted.

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This will be resolved when we refactor ipcluster to use subprocess of Python 2.6.

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This is not a problem in the zmq newparallel code, and we won't fix it in Twisted.

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IPython.kernel is removed.

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