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This is something we discussed briefly a couple of weeks ago - should we move from fully auto-generated API docs to something a bit more manual, forcing us to be clearer about what is the public API?

I made a start towards that, but I wanted to check what we think of the idea and the details before I spend more time on it. I used the auto-generated API docs with some modifications:

  • Rearranged into a hierarchical structure matching the package structure (core/history.txt rather than IPython.core.history.txt)
  • Simplifying subheadings
  • Not describing local utility functions and classes (like Bunch).
  • Removing inheritance diagrams except where they're interesting (e.g. that for ultratb is interesting)
  • Removing the :inherited-members: option from autoclass documentation (classes that derive from Configurable, for example, inherit a lot of confusing methods)
  • Removing the .. automethod:: __init__ documentation where __init__ doesn't have a docstring.
@bfroehle bfroehle and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Sep 4, 2012
@@ -0,0 +1,38 @@
bfroehle Sep 4, 2012 Contributor

Did you mean to remove this comment?

takluyver Sep 4, 2012 Owner

Yes, thanks. I must have missed this one.

This pull request fails (merged fda39e2 into c678a87).

@bfroehle bfroehle and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Sep 4, 2012
@@ -721,10 +721,10 @@ def stop(self):
def extract_hist_ranges(ranges_str):
"""Turn a string of history ranges into 3-tuples of (session, start, stop).
- Examples
- --------
- list(extract_input_ranges("~8/5-~7/4 2"))
- [(-8, 5, None), (-7, 1, 4), (0, 2, 3)]
+ Example::
+ >>> list(extract_input_ranges("~8/5-~7/4 2"))
bfroehle Sep 4, 2012 Contributor

Now that this is getting tested, it'll have to be extract_hist_ranges (instead of extract_input_ranges).

takluyver Sep 4, 2012 Owner

Thanks, that should be fixed in the next commit.

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This pull request fails (merged ca3de81 into c678a87).

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fperez commented Sep 13, 2012

I think in the long run, this is necessary. Our current setup is a bit too chaotic and leaves users with an incomprehensible impact surface for what IPython is as a library.

Given that I don't think the current autogen docs are very good as they are, I'm totally +1 on moving forward with this, even if it takes a while to get it where we'd be completely happy.


This is important, but should be close the PR and open an issue to track this (> 2 months inactivity)?


Yes, if you'd prefer. I'm not convinced that this is the right approach - it's a lot of work to do this, as evidenced by the fact that I didn't even finish the docs for IPython.core. But I do think we need to improve our API docs, and work out what parts we really consider the API, and what is implementation details.

@takluyver takluyver referenced this pull request Nov 24, 2012

Revamp API docs #2616

Carreau commented Dec 4, 2012

@takluyver Was #2616 a replacement of this one ? can it be closed ?


Yes, good point.

@takluyver takluyver closed this Dec 4, 2012
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