Simple and Easy-to-Use Open Source LMS
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iroha Board

iroha Board is a Simple and Easy-to-Use Open Source LMS. [Japanese / 日本語]

Project website


System Requirements

  • PHP : 5.4 or later
  • MySQL : 5.1 or later
  • CakePHP : 2.10.x


  1. Download the source of iroha Board.
  • Download the source of CakePHP.
  • Make [cake] directory on your web server and upload the source of CakePHP.
  • Upload the source of iroha Board to public direcotry on your web server.
    ┗ /lib
    ┣ /Config
    ┣ /Controller
    ┣ /Model
    ┣ ・・・
    ┣ /View
    ┗ /webroot
  • Modify the database configuration on Config/database.php file. Make sure you have created an empty database on you MySQL server.
  1. Open http://(your-domain-name)/install on your web browser.


For students.

  • Learning.
  • Take tests.
  • Show learning records.
  • Show informations from teachers.

For teachers.

  • Manage users.
  • Manage user groups.
  • Manage informations.
  • Manage courses.
  • Manage learning contents.
  • Manage tests.
  • Manage records.

For administrators.

  • System setting