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A fantasy world generator
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World Generator

This is a tool and library to procedurally generate fantasy worlds.

The API runs on port 7531.

API Routes

The API supports the following routes:

Character, random: /character/

Character, specific seed: /character/123

Climate, random: /climate/

Climate, specific seed: /climate/123

Country, random: /country/

Country, specific seed: /country/123

Culture, random: /culture/

Culture, specific seed: /culture/123

Heraldry, random: /heraldry/

Heraldry, specific seed: /heraldry/123

Language, random: /language/

Language, specific seed: /language/123

Organization, random: /organization/

Organization, specific seed: /organization/123

Pantheon, random: /pantheon/

Pantheon, specific seed: /pantheon/123

Region, random: /region/

Region, specific seed: /region/123

Town, random: /town/

Town, specific seed: /town/123


Just run ./ The binary will be build/worldapi.

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