an interactive, javascript-based feminist bingo card
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The Interactive Feminist Bingo Card is an interactive bingo card for the use of commenters at online feminist venues. It provides feminists with an easy way to identify trolls, suggests possible responses based on the squares chosen, and also generates a random kitten video if the player chooses not to engage with the troll upon winning.


The Interactive Feminist Bingo Card is currently in version 1.0, released September 15, 2012.


In order to "win" the bingo game, the player must "fill" (i.e., click) on five squares in a row or column.

Copyright and licensing

The Interactive Feminist Bingo Card is a project of the Irregular Gentlewomen: Betsy Haibel and Elizabeth Yalkut. It is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike License. The code is available on Github.


The Interactive Feminist Bingo Card v.1.0 requires jQuery 1.6. It has been tested in the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox 7+. It relies heavily on CSS3 and HTML5, and will not work in browsers which do not support these technologies. The current CSS assumes a 1280px monitor.


Both the CSS and JavaScript are extensively commented.


The color scheme is girly girl by earlgrey. The appearance of bingo squares once they have been selected was inspired by Barbara Kruger's Your Body is a Battleground (1976).


  • add keyboard controls to JavaScript
  • make the card's layout liquid, or at least elastic
  • refine some of the suggested responses
  • test on touchscreen devices
  • make cards pasteable and saveable
  • allow users to filter the potential-squares list by category
  • allow users to pick and choose which set of bingo rules to follow
  • make win-detection algorithm more efficient