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Stuff for the xiaomi yi 4k (and 4k+) cameras.
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4k+ 4k+ firmware 1.4.14 Jun 28, 2018
4k 4k firmware 1.10.9 (same addresses as 1.10.7). Jun 28, 2018
autoexec.ash Cleanups and some autoexec.ash commands. Dec 22, 2017
bitrate 4k firmware 1.10.9 (same addresses as 1.10.7). Jun 28, 2018
camera_controller Should work on windows now. Dec 23, 2017
dump_camera_settings More stuff. Mar 17, 2017
firmware_unpacker Style. Oct 21, 2017
live Update Mar 16, 2017
settings Update Apr 17, 2017
telnet More stuff. Mar 17, 2017 Fix Dec 22, 2017
bitrate_table.txt Reorganize the repo and merge the 4k and 4k+ bitrate mods. Dec 3, 2017

Yi 4k and 4k+ Cameras

It's a nice camera but it has no documentation anywhere. It uses an ambarella SOC and has two operating systems which run at the same time on it: an RTOS and Linux. The RTOS does everything (encoding, the gui on the camera, etc...) while the linux barely does anything (it hosts a web server and some software that passes commands received from the network or bluetooth to the RTOS).

In this repo there is:

4k Stuff for the yi 4k.

4k+ Stuff for the yi 4k+.

For both the 4k and 4k+

Bitrate Mod The bitrate mod.

Firmware Unpacker Firmware unpacker for the 4k and 4k+ firmwares.

Useful autoexec.ash Commands Some useful autoexec.ash commands.

Telnet How to enable telnet on the camera.

Live How to create qr codes for the live streaming mode.

Settings Some notes on camera settings.

Dump Camera Settings Dump camera settings to a file.

Enable RTOS Logs Enable RTOS logging to sd card on the camera.

Camera Controller python script to control one or more cameras over wifi.

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