Islandora allows Drupal users to view and manage digital objects stored in a Fedora Repository..


forked from alxp/islandora

A Drupal module for browsing and managing Fedora-based digital repositories

Updated Oct 24, 2016


forked from adam-vessey/islandora_batch

New batch framework, supporting suspending of the batch process.

Updated Oct 24, 2016


Scholarly PDF Solution Pack for handling scholarly data and theses. A foundational module for implementing Islandora as an institutional repository.

Updated Oct 21, 2016


forked from ppound/islandora_solr_search

Islandora Solr Search module

Updated Oct 20, 2016


Ingests digital videos into Fedora. It supports creation of derivatives in various different video formats, and requires the server-side installation of accompanying codecs to enable this functionality. It can also be configured to stream the video to a player window on-site using JWPlayer.

Updated Oct 20, 2016


This module produces XML and HTML representations of PREMIS metadata for objects in your repository.

Updated Oct 20, 2016


Allows Islandora to view and manipulate objects as a collection. Installing the module allows collections to be viewed and created, and adds the 'Collection' button to all collections' management pages.

Updated Oct 14, 2016


forked from jonathangreen/tuque

A repository agnostic API to allow Islandora to connect to repositories

Updated Oct 14, 2016

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Build/Store/Render drupal forms that allow for the manipulation of XML files.

Updated Oct 12, 2016


adds islandora urls to the xmlsitemaps module list of custom links

Updated Oct 6, 2016


forked from bibliotechy/islandora_checksum

A simple module to allow repository managers to enable the creation of a checksum for objects.

Updated Oct 6, 2016


forked from adam-vessey/islandora_oai

Provides support for an Islandora site to be visible via the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH).

Updated Oct 6, 2016

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A plugin for the islandora audio solution pack that allows playback via the jw player

Updated Oct 5, 2016


Extends the Islandora batch framework to provide the option to add newspaper issues and pages to an existing newspaper object.

Updated Oct 5, 2016


Islandora Altmetrics integration.

Updated Oct 5, 2016


Islandora module to support ingesting and viewing TIF/TIFF files

Updated Oct 3, 2016


An Islandora module which performs transformations between MODS and MARCXML.

Updated Sep 30, 2016


Adds the ability to create audio collections, which can be used to upload WAV and MP3 files as objects.

Updated Sep 30, 2016


Allows creation and management of lists of PIDs that are attached to a Drupal user, and can be shared with other users. These lists can be used to track and sort PIDs, or to export lists of citations. The module can also be used in conjunction with Solr search results to perform some export tasks.

Updated Sep 28, 2016


Adds all required Fedora objects to allow users to ingest and retrieve web archives through the Islandora interface.

Updated Sep 23, 2016