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Editor for ISLE (Integrated Statistics Learning Environment) lessons.
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ISLE Editor


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A desktop-application that can be used to author and preview integrated statistics learning environment (ISLE) lessons before they are deployed online. Other parts of the ISLE environment are:

  • the isle-server is the server program responsible for user management and data storage
  • the isle-dashboard is the online dashboard used to deploy, organize and monitor ISLE lessons

Open Documentation



Current version: v0.20.1.

OS x64 ia32
Linux Download Download
OS X Download
Windows Download Download

Build from Source


Developing and running the ISLE Editor has the following prerequisites:

  • git: version control
  • Node.js: JavaScript runtime (version >= 9.0)

To bundle the editor as a standalone application, you will need the following:


To acquire the source code, clone the git repository.

$ git clone


To install development dependencies,

$ npm install


To live-edit the ISLE Editor,

$ npm run dev

Editing source files will result in changes appearing directly without reloading.


To build and package the Electron application,

$ npm run build

The bundled version can be started with

$ npm start


To package the editor as a standalone application for the current operating system, run

$ npm run package

To bundle for all operating systems, run

$ npm run package-all


The ISLE editor uses Jest for unit tests. To run the tests, execute the following command in the top-level application directory:

$ npm test

To only run the tests for a single component or function, use

$ npm run test -- -t "name-of-spec"



Icon Credits

The following icons are used under a Creative Commons CCBY license.

  • "Confused" by Greg Pabst
  • "Lightbulb" by Jeremy J Bristol
  • "Microphone" by Aleksandr Vector
  • "Positive Feedback Loop" by Richard Slater
  • "bar chart" by Barracuda
  • "Scatterplot" by JeraOcean
  • "K-Means" by Knut M. Synstad from the Noun Project
  • "SVM", "k nearest Neighbours", "Classification tree graph", "Naive Bayes", "Random Forest", "Neural Networks" by sachin modgekar from the Noun Project
  • "logistic regressions" by Christina Barysheva from the Noun Project
  • "Lasso" by Sam Neckles from the Noun Project
  • "net" by Lisa Oregioni from the Noun Project
  • "detail roof shed ridge" by kloeg architecture from the Noun Project
  • "linear regression" by Knut M. Synstad from the Noun Project
  • "dimension" by Andreav from the Noun Project
  • "bag" by Andrejs Kirma from the Noun Project
  • "boost" by Yo! Baba from the Noun Project
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