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When I see things like this, there’s nothing better than the underlying feeling that I’m a part of something good, some incredible positive vibration that we’re somehow all spinning around on. There’s nothing better than to think about all those people who are worried about me, and to understand they’re concerned, fundamentally, out of love. There’s nothing better than to know that there’s people who care that much. But, most of all, there’s nothing to better than to know that those people are wrong. Am I out of control? Fuck no, I’m a goddamn Jedi. That’s as in control as it gets.

Ben Kenobi, Erowid


Ecstasy is an entity-component system for Haskell. It's inspired by apecs, but makes the design decision to focus on being idiomatic rather than being fast. Maybe. I haven't actually benchmarked it.

We achieve being idiomatic by using GHC.Generics and tricky type families to derive performant data stores given only a record of the desired components.