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umbrella repository for stable isotope data packages
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Isoverse is a suite of platform-independent (Windows, Mac, Linux), open-source data tools for the efficient and reproducible processing of stable isotope data. Although written primarily in R, it can be used in both RMarkdown as well as Jupyter data processing notebooks. Due to the design based on the popular tidyverse style of R programming, all isoverse packages are easily extendable and work great with tidyverse packages such as tidyr, dplyr and ggplot.


Please install the isoverse packages you are interested in by following the instructions for each package:

Spread the word

If you like the functionality that isoverse provides to the geochemical community, please help us spread the word and include the isoverse logo on one of your posters or slides. All logos are posted in high resolution in this repository under man/figures

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