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Good news! Official development of spring-scala has resumed full steam thanks to Paul Snively.

Here's the official repository URL

I no longer need to make unofficial releases :)

I will keep the itadinanta Packages available for historical reasons, please consider these deprecated.

Spring Scala

The goal of Spring Scala is to make it easier to use the Spring framework in Scala.

Note that Spring Scala is currently not maintained by Pivotal, as such there will be no further releases nor bug fixes coming from Pivotal.

Please refer to the original project's documentation on the wiki


For Maven users:

	<id>Itadinanta bintray</id>
	<name>Bintray itadinanta repository</name>

For sbt users:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
	"net.itadinanta" %% "spring-scala"	% "1.0.0",

compile and test, build all jars, distribution zips and docs

./sbt publish

Original Documentation

You can find out the original information about this project on the wiki

Original Issue Tracking

Spring Scala uses JIRA for issue tracking purposes

Original License

Spring Scala is Apache 2.0 licensed.