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This is an overview of features that are either in development or on the roadmap:

Version 1.1

This version has been released:

This contains some ideas on some non-breaking extensions on top of v1.0.

  • Add a weight matrix calculation algorithm that calculates edge->edge weights excluding the source-target edge weights. DONE
    • Check to see if the current edge-based matrix algorithm can be replaced by this more general case. DONE
  • And several other issues and ideas: Milestone for 1.1 DONE

Version 1.2

This version has been released:

  • Fixed maxspeed normalization issue.
  • Implemented support for nested relations by allowing multiple passes over relations if requested.
  • Implemented support for nested cycle route relations in the default bicycle profile.
  • Fixed directed weight matrix issue related to resolved points on oneway segments.

Version 1.3

This version has been released:

  • Meta-data on vertices: More details here.
  • A way to extract parts of the network and save them as a new routerDb.

Version 1.4

The version is available as a prerelease with the following on the agenda/done:

  • Add extension method to directly load data from overpass by polygon.
  • Improve the island detection by using boolean arrays.
  • Elevation profiles: Output height profiles of calculated routes.

Version 2.0 and beyond

General ideas

A collection of general ideas that may or may not end up on the final roadmap.

Add a more efficient data structure to represent restrictions

Add extension method to turn a routerpoint into GeoJSON

Just return geojson with all details included:

  • Edge with start and end vertex.
  • The location on the network.
  • The original location.
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