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πŸ—‚ Organise your documents and media files like magic, leaving your folders spotless.
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😊Command line tool that helps you classifying and organizing automagically your photos, videos, audios and documents ✨

  • Having thousands of pictures and videos lost in complex nested folder structures?
  • Don't you remember what camera or phone did you use to take that picture, or if it's even yours?
  • Are you not sure if you have duplicates of the same picture?
  • Do you have many screen shots mixed up with your regular photos?
  • Do you have problems finding files from an specific date?

No problemo! This tool will organize all that mess for you.


  • Restructures the content of a folder recursively (pictures, videos, audios, archives, contacts, documents, ...)
  • Extracts media file metadata (like EXIF, XMP) and saves it in a metadata folder
  • Organizes the media by year, camera / app and month
  • Detects screenshots (by path name)
  • Detects duplicates and stores them separately in a 'duplicates' folder
  • Renames all the files using the timestamp and the file MD5 hash



go install


happytimes [-limit n] [-ext "xxx|yyy|zzz"] [-dry-run] [-fix-dates] move|copy <src> [<dest>]

# example:

happytimes -limit 100 -ext "jpg|png|gif" -fix-dates -dry-run copy ~/Pictures ./happytimes-test
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